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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary, Magical Blogorail Orange!

It is another exciting milestone for the Magical Blogorail.  It is the one year anniversary of Magical Blogorail Orange, our fifth line of bloggers.  They kicked off their line by introducing themselves and their Disney inspirations and then continued through the year sharing their thoughts on Disney topics ranging from their favorite Disney snacks to resort hopping to their most magical moment in a Disney park.  

To celebrate each of the members have shared their favorite Magical Blogorail posts over the last year.

Deb of Focused on the Magic chose to share her post from the loop in which members shared their Favorite Attraction Inspired by a Movie.  She says, "Looking back on this past year one post that stands out as my favorite Magical Blogorail post is "Your Favorite Attraction Inspired by a Movie". While writing and doing the research for it I remember sitting with my son reminiscing and reliving all the memories captured in the pictures used for the post. It reminded us both of some very special times we've shared.  Thank you so much Beth for being such a great leader, dear friend and awesome mentor this past year. Special thanks to all the members of the Magical Blogorail Orange Loop, it's been a wonderful wild ride this past year. I look forward to many more!"

Heidi of Heidi's Head chose to share her post from the favorite Disney Family Traditions loop.  She says, "I have so enjoyed being a part of the Magical Blogorail this past year. I have met so many online friends - some that I've been able to connect with in real life - and others that I hope to one day meet! It was really hard to choose a favorite post or loop because I've truly enjoyed them all. This one on Family Traditions reminds me of the things that we love about Disney - it just feels like home away from home!"

Melissa of Disney on Wheels chose to share her post from the loop in which member shared their Most Magical Moment in a Disney Park.  She says, "I can't believe its been a year already! I still feel so fortunate to be a part of this group. A big thank you to Beth for creating the Magical Blogorail and bringing together such an awesome group of Disney Bloggers. My favorite Orange Loop post was My Magical Disney Moment. It was nice writing such a personal post and being able to share why I love Disney so much."

Savannah chose to share her post from the loop in which members shared their Favorite Disney Attraction That Inspired a Movie or an Attraction Inspired by a Movie.  She says, "I chose this post because I was able to fully discuss one of my favorite WDW attractions in length, including its movie, history, and the experience itself. I also wrote this article shortly after seeing Song of the South for this time; and writing this article let me revisit an attraction I knew so well in a different frame of mind."

Wendy of Your Highway in the Sky chose to share her post from the Most Magical Moment in a Disney Park loop.  She says, "As a teacher in Central Florida, I hear a lot of people talk about Disney. Most of the time, they're discussing their favorite ride, their favorite character, or their issues with pricing or policy. Those things are all important; but they're not really the reason I love Disney or the reason I choose to write for a Disney blog. The reason behind those choices is a little more...complicated. This is my favorite blogorail post because it is the closest I can come to really expressing why Disney moves me, and why I choose to write to share my love with others."

Happy Anniversary, Deb, Heidi, Melissa, Savannah and Wendy!  Thank you so much for sharing your love of Disney with all of us!
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