Monday, October 31, 2011

Magical Blogorail Teal presents the Perfect Disney Afternoon, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Disney without Kids, a Disney Villain, and Adventureland’s Tiki Statues

In their most recent loop, Magical Blogorail Teal discussed their perfect Disney afternoon. Do you have a favorite way to spend the afternoon at Disney?

Dave at continued his review of Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Have you ever stayed there?

Faith at the Disney FAITHful shared what it was like to visit Walt Disney World and the Food and Wine Festival without her children. Have you taken a kids free vacation?

Kathy at the Many Advetures of a Disney Lovin’ Spectrum Mom shared a photo of a Broadway Baddie for her Almost Wordless Wednesday.

Mary at Capturing Magical Memories has some great photos of the Tiki statues in Adventureland. Can you hear the drums?

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